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Presentations Now Available for Viewing

We are pleased to announce that many of the speakers from the 2016 conference have made their presentations available; they can be viewed through the Natural Channel Systems website.

Over the Courses of 2 Days We Explored the Science and Application of Natural Channel and Stream Corridor Rehabilitation

Watersheds are a network of green infrastructure that include watercourses, wetlands, floodplains and uplands working together through diverse and intricate linkages to create and foster biodiversity. In these complex ecological systems, rivers and streams act as the corridor between important ecological spaces and are in themselves vital ecological features. The protection, restoration and naturalization of river corridors and their channel systems is a key component of any effort to manage watersheds and preserve biodiversity. Natural Channel Systems refer to the green infrastructure of river corridors themselves, including the active channel, riparian zone, floodplain and defined valley. Our understanding of the importance, complexity and interconnectedness of these natural channel systems continues to increase with the growing emphasis on protecting Canada's green infrastructure for both biodiversity and the quality of human life.

This two-day conference was geared to practitioners, scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders from government, conservation authorities, consulting firms and environmental organizations.

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